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        AVS4YOU® Affiliate Program
        Generate maximum sales with AVS4YOU top tools. Earn 50% commission on every sale! Start making money right now, it's easy!
        Unlimited access subscription Price $59 You get $29.5
        1 Year access subscription Price $39 You get $19.5
        And you can earn much more! Join AVS4YOU via

        More Reasons to Join AVS4YOU

        Get one of the highest commission rates on today's software market.
        Join people who already make money with AVS4YOU software.
        Over 1 000 000 unique visits per month from all over the world.
        Have additional questions or need help? Read our detailed guidelines or write to affiliates@

        Follow the steps below to join AVS4YOU® Affiliate ProgramShow steps

        • Step 1: Register

          a. Register as an affiliate if you are a novice

          If you are a novice start by filling up the registration page at one of the following systems:

          Avangate: https://store./affiliates/sign-up.php

          After you complete the sign up form, you will receive affiliate ID.

          All new affiliates are automatically approved, so you can start making money right away instead of wasting time on asking for permission to sell products!

          b. Find AVS4YOU® in your system (Avangate, ShareIt) if you are already an affiliate

        • Step 2: Place links to your website

          Please use our link generator to build correct links.

          Attention!!! Avangate and ShareIt offer their own custom links to vendors' site. DO NOT USE THEM WITH OUR SITE! In order to get 100% guaranteed payouts you have to use the following links.

          Generic home page link:

          cid – your affiliate ID
          ct – your affiliate system: avangate or shareit

          For example your affiliate system is Avangate and your affiliate ID is 77777. You affiliate link will be:

          You can give affiliate links to any pages on our website. For example the affiliate link to the German product page of AVS Video Converter will look like this

          Direct buy now:

          Direct download page:

          product – a product name, for example if the file name is AVSVideoConverter.exe, then product=AVSVideoConverter

          For example if you want to give the direct download link to AVSVideoConverter.exe, it will look like this

          If you have questions write to us at affiliates@.

        • Step 3: Control your sales

          Our cookie tracking system redirects customers to the checkout page of your affiliate system with your affiliate ID. So you can easily control your sales the usual way via your Avangate or ShareIt control panel.

          You can easily make sure of reliability of our tracking system. Just go to our site via your affiliate link https://www./?sct=aff&ct=affiliatesystem&cid=affiliateid (before you go, do not forget to replace AffiliateID and AffiliateSystem in this link with your affiliate ID and your affiliate system name), next click the Buy Now link in the header of the page. You will be redirected to the Buy Now page. This is the only place on our site where customers can make the purchase (the Buy now links from our programs lead to this page too, so there is no way to make the purchase without visiting this page). Now click Unlimited or 1 Year Access subscription, you will be redirected to the checkout page on your affiliate system with your affiliate id. You can easily see it in your browser address bar!

          That’s true! Now if you complete the purchase, it will be immediately shown in your affiliate system control panel.

          You can also use the Control Panel to follow all the users' movements within our web site. After you register as our affiliate, use the affiliates@ e-mail address to write to us. Please send the name of the payment system you use and your affiliate ID. We will give you the login and password to access the control panel.


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