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        AVS4YOU® Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions
        1. Is it free to participate in your affiliate program?

          Yes, the participation is absolutely free.

        2. You offer one-year and unlimited software subscriptions for users. Are they the only options?

          Yes, we offer affiliates to sell 2 types of subscriptions to all our products: this selling scheme is very attractive to users and time-proved as effective in terms of conversion.

        3. Does "subscription model" get better conversion results as compared to usual software sale?

          Yes, we launched in 2006, December and subscription model proved to bring excellent results: several times better as compared to usuall selling scheme we had used before.

        4. Is there a way to simplify my generation of custom affiliate links from AVS4YOU®?

          Yes, please use our Affiliate Links Generator tool here. It will automatically make correct links.

        5. How do I get money?

          You control sales and get money through your exisitng vendor panel. It is either Avangate, RegNow or ShareIT.

        6. How can I make sure your system really works and where can I get statistics for clicks to you from my links?

          Once you're registered with us, you get login and password to access our control panel: https://stat./. There you'll be able to see statistics: number of clicks to our download, registration and other AVS4YOU® website pages. You can compare your own statistics with the statistics from our control panel to see that we provide clear correct information.

        7. I don't believe in cookie principle. Is your system based solely on cookies or I can get software custom builds?

          Upon request to affiliates@ we can make custom builds for you. In this case the link from software will contain your affiliate ID. However, we do recommend to use cookies additionally.

        8. Is there a possibility to track using "linkID" by RegNow or "AFFSRC" by Avangate?

          Yes, it is possible. Please use our link generator to build correct links.

        9. Can I use your graphics/text in my custom builds/websites?

          Yes, you may use our graphics/product description fully or in parts, as you like. Upon request we will create custom banners for you. Drop us a line: affiliates@.

        10. How long do you allow cookies to be stored on a customer's PC?

          Cookies are installed onto a customer's PC automatically once he/she followed a link or banner from your website. Cookies are valid for three years. It means that you get guaranteed commission if the same customer purchases our software within this period.

        11. Can I use adwords containing AVS in my campaigns in Google and other Search Engines?

          No, such a practice is strictly prohibited. Once we discover that an affiliate breaks this rule, we immediately decrease the commision up to 5% or reject the affiliate.


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